ACL Surgery is a procedure in which damaged anterior cruciate ligament in the centre of knee is replaced with a new ligament. Anterior Cruciate Ligament is mainly responsible to join the femur to the tibia and to keep the tibia (shin bone) in right place. A torn or damaged ACL cannot be repaired successfully so it must be replaced with a new tissue graft.



Computer-aided navigation systems offers great precision & accuracy in tunnel placement minimizing the need of revision surgery. In Computer Navigated Minimal invasive technique, a small incision is made on knee joint and then knee arthroscope (a narrow tube, which has a camera and light source in it) is inserted into knee joint to view the damage on a monitor. After analyzing the damaged joint, other incision/s is made to insert surgical instrument through these incisions and then the damaged ligament is removed with the help of instruments and then new tissue is put in the place of old tissue. Then new ligaments are then attached to the surrounding bones to keep them in right place and then incisions are sewn back.


The new tissue used can be from the patient’s own body or from a deceased donor. Accordingly they are called as-

  • Autograft – If the grafted tissue is taken from the patient’s own body, it is called autograft. Generally tissue is taken from knee cap tendon or from the hamstring tendon.
  • Allograft – When tissue is taken from a deceased donor, it is called as allograft.

Why ACL surgery is required

ACL injuries are very common in athletes or in sportsman. After checking and examining a patient, a surgeon may decide for ACL surgery. Generally ACL may require is following conditions-

  • In case of unstable knee because of torn ACL, restricting playing activities.
  • When the non surgical procedure or medicines are not effective in treating unstable knee.
  • In patients with chronic ACL deficiency, surgery is required
  • Because of injuries which have damaged cartilage, ligaments or tendons of the knee.

Things to remember before the surgery

  • If you are taking any drugs or medicines inform your surgeon as some drugs can cause clotting problems of blood.
  • If you have any heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other medical problem always inform your surgeon so that necessary action can be taken to control them.
  • It is preferable to quit smoking and alcohol intake.

On the surgery day

Patient should not eat or drink anything before 6 to 12 hours of the surgery. Patient should follow all the instruction carefully given by the surgeon and reach the hospital at time.

After the surgery

After the surgery the patient has to wear a knee brace for first 1-14 weeks, also crutches may be required for 1-4 weeks. Some medicines are also required to control the pain
After ACL surgery an important part is the physical therapy and exercise. Generally an extensive physical therapy is required for 2 to 6 months, which helps to strengthen the knee and control the movement.

Benefits of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

  • Small incision procedure
  • Re-establishes leg control with normal range of motion
  • Fast rehabilitation and recovery time
  • Walking without a limp sooner
  • Less in post-operative pain
  • Restoring normal stability of knee

It is important for every patient that he/she should choose his/her operating surgeon carefully. Joint surgery procedures are very significant and require immense expertise and precision. If surgery is not done correctly it may pose several risks and complications for the patient.

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