Dr L Tomar, the best surgeon for joint replacement surgery in Delhi, is the rare combination of great surgical expertise & newer technological adaptation in the field of joint replacement surgeries. He has abreast himself experting new surgical technique such as minimal invasive joint replacement procedures and adaptation of newer & most advanced technology such as Computer Navigation System for Joint Replacement.

Computer Navigated minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is the latest advancement in Joint Replacement Surgery, making hip replacement & knee replacement highly safe, reliable, precise & sustainable for patients. Dr L Tomar has vast experience for performing many successful minimal invasive joint replacement surgery in Delhi using Computer Navigation Technology.


The State of the Art Computer Navigation Technology helps minimal invasive joint replacement surgeon to place the joint implant with 100% precision with correct anatomical alignment, zero error and significantly improving the implant longevity.

Minimal invasive joint replacement surgery is done through a smaller incision as compared to the conventional larger incision joint replacement surgery. The smaller incision has significant advantage over traditional large incision surgery in terms of less blood loss during procedure; a shorter stay is needed in hospital with faster recovery time. Based upon the condition of patients, an orthopedic surgeon determines which type of surgery is required for patient; therefore not every patient is fit for minimally invasive surgery joint replacement surgery.

In Computer Navigation assisted joint replacement surgery a light emitting diodes are attached to the leg which communicate with camera attached to computer; therefore allowing the Joint Replacement Surgeon to see the digital reproduction of the entire procedure on computer in Operation Theater. With the help of this technology, a orthopaedic surgeon can precisely control every steps of joint replacement procedure & making it error free.

Dr L Tomar, the best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi, has the advantage in Computer assisted joint replacement surgery in Delhi by having the greater control & accuracy over the position of component, range of movement, ligament tensioning, and limb alignment with the help of viewing every step of procedure in the computer, making the overall joint replacement surgery without error; otherwise, without computer navigated technology, most of the time go unnoticed. Computer navigation helps to minimize the amount of surgical dissection and to ensure proper positioning of the implants.

Dr L Tomar uses very high quality implants, from high-density polyethylene to ceramics, titanium and steel, for knee & hip replacement.

Advantages of Minimal Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery, using Computer Navigation Technology
  • Provides complete data about anatomy, alignment, and component position, helping joint replacement surgeon to exactly place the implant at right place without any error.
  • At computer surgeon a can see the digital images of all joints, hips, knee or ankle to more accurately plan for surgery.
  • Minimize the amount of surgical dissection with less need for exposure
  • Offers surgeon great control & feedback to correct potential errors during the surgery
  • Significantly enhance the life of your replacement
  • Minimizing any possibility of dislocation and revision surgery
  • Offer greater stability and range of motion
  • Significantly reduces blood loss during surgery therefore, less chances of blood transfusion
  • Lesser number of days stay at hospital
  • Faster recovery & Shorter post-operative physical rehabilitation
  • Minimal scaring at surgical site
General Information for Patient Joint Replacement Surgery
What is Joint Replacement Surgery?

Joint replacement surgery or Arthroplasty, is an orthopaedic procedure in which a damaged or worn joint is removed and replaced with a new artificial joint. For treating the painful joints, surgery is a wise decision which involves removing of damaged cartilage from the connecting side of the joint, then resurfacing of the joint is done by using prosthesis (artificial) implants made of metal or plastic or both, which work almost as natural joints thus give relief to the patient from severe pain and enabling him to live normal life.

Joint are those parts of the body where two bones meet together for e.g. knee, hip and shoulder and over the period of time due to continuous movement between bones joints may get damaged causing joint pain and difficulty in joint movement. Joint Replacement surgery is performed when the severe joint pain cannot be treated with medication and making the joint movement back to normal.

Why there is a need of Joint Replacement?

Damaged joints cause severe pain to a patient. Stiffness and swelling in the joints may also be observed in damaged joints. If the damaged bones and pain caused by them cannot be treated by medicines there is a need of Joint Replacement to give relief to patient and enabling him to move freely. Some of the causes which damage joints are –

  • Joints may get damaged with ageing.
  • Arthritis and some other diseases can damage joints.
  • Injuries
  • Congenital dislocation of the hip joint
  • Malignant joint

Two most of the affected joints are Hips and Knees as they get continuous movement and stress while walking, running or playing games. Most of the Joint Replacement surgeries involve mainly hip or knee replacement surgery.

Dr L Tomar is a Joint Replacement Surgeon in Delhi having immense expertise in Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Surgery using Computer Navigation Technology. Computer Navigation Technology is latest advancement making for joint replacements more safe, reliable, precise & sustainable. Dr L Tomar has performed more than 5,000 successful joints replacement surgeries in Delhi.