Amar Gupta

My mother was suffering a lot from hips pain, so we visited Dr. Tomar. He did check up and suggested to replace it due to the damage. It was the outstanding treatment of my mother’s hip by Dr. Tomar....

Abhishek Mishra

I had an issue in my knees due to an accident, it was not working properly. I visited to Dr. Tomar and got knees replacement after every test. Now I am very happy and walking normal like past.

Avinash Kumar

I was suffering from the diseases related to knees; even I could not walk properly. But after meeting Dr. Tomar, he suggested to knees replacement and now I can walk better. My life has been changed b...

Babita Raina

Dr. Tomar is very cooperative, I visited him for knee replacement surgery of both knees. His better consultation and surgery provided my life back to me. Big thanks to him.


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