Talk to a leading minimal access hip, knee & joint replacement surgeon, if you are suffering from joint pain. It is better to replace a damaged joint instead of living with pain. It could make life difficult as it will reduce your mobility up to the point where you could become immobile.

Is joint surgery safe?

There was a time when opening joints wasn’t considered safe due to outdated technology. Also, it was difficult to achieve perfection while conducting surgeries manually. You can call the traditional way of operating upon joints a manual process due to the limited reliability of the technology. But today technical advancements have made it possible to conduct joint surgeries with amazing perfection.

A minimal access hip, knee & joint replacement surgeon will access the damaged joint through a smaller incision that will take little time in healing. Also, there will be lesser blood loss during surgery. A shorter hospital stay will further make it convenient for you to get back to normal life. The surgery depends on Computer Navigation technology that assists surgeons in carrying out successful surgeries.

How does Computer Navigation technology work?

The technology relies on light-emitting diodes that communicate with the camera attached to the computer. The surgeon sees the digital reproduction of the entire production on the computer in the Operation Theater. The technology allows greater control over the position of components, range of movement, ligament tensioning, and zero-error surgery. It minimizes the amount of surgical dissection responsible for failures.

A minimal access hip, knee & joint replacement surgeon will assess your condition to determine the best surgical process. Based on your overall health and the condition of your joint, the surgeon will decide whether to go for minimally invasive surgery.

Advantages of minimally invasive joint surgery


  • Helps the surgeon in placing the implant in the right place and in an error-free manner
  • Allows greater control over the process to carry out the surgery successfully
  • Significantly increases the life of replacement
  • Shorter post-operative physical rehabilitation allows faster recovery
  • Minimal scarring at the surgical site
  • Minimal chances of failure of the surgery


Final thoughts

If you have pain in the knees or hips and the pain and nothing seems to work on the pain then you should consider surgery. Visit a minimal access hip, knee & joint replacement surgeon for treatment advice. If you need a joint replacement, you should give your consent for the minimally invasive surgical treatment.


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