It’s time of competition that starts from the childhood to the successful age. Now kids carry the back which might be heavy over than their weight. Everyday kids suffer from the backpack injuries due the wrong packing or over loaded the bag’s weight. Thus it is essential to maintain the right backpacking to keep them safe from any mishap.

According the expert backpack weight should not exceed 15-20 percentage of the body weight of the kids. The overweight is not easy to carry for the kids that are why they get tired because there are many other things to focus like study, gaming etc.

Possibility of Injuries from backpack:

  • The kids get the constantly paining on shoulder because they load is carried on shoulder.
  • Heavy backpack could be more dangerous for back pain while picking up.
  • Kids always get tired after reaching home from bus to home due the heavy load.
  • Due to the extra weight or miss balancing could be the reason of any accident.

How to keep the child safe from the backpack injuries:

  • The best packing is done with the right and comfort stuff, so always prefer the good quality of bag.
  • Size and structure should be designed according to the kid’s height and weight.
  • Never put the useless the books in the bag which increase the load.
  • Always pack the bag according to the schedule and useful notebooks.
  • You must prefer the sport’s shop where hundreds of designs are available and choose the soft one along with all required features.
  • The backpack should have multiple compartments for putting the material which is good to balance the material.

Give training to your kids:

  • Parents should teach the kids how to carry the backpack safely and way of maintaining the balance.
  • Teach the kids to have some rest instead of continuously walking with backpack, having relax with duration provide the energy to saunter more.
  • Child should not run with backpack because it is harmful for the body, any bone could be affected cause of running.
  • Sometime kids wear the single strap that keeps the backpack on same side which is bad for the body. Therefore tell to the kids wearing the both straps to manage the weight equally.
  • If the kids need to bring heavy books in the school, then that should be with body not in backpack.

A best company’s backpack is right decision while shopping because reputed brand offers the quality material as well as outstanding space to manage the load.


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