The knee joint is the area where is two long leg bones meet and bind together with the help of muscles, ligaments, and tendons allowing bone of move. The end of each bones is covered with a layer of cartilage which is help in absorbing shock and provide protection to knee

Two muscles involved in the knee, one quadriceps muscles which help in straighten the legs and second is hamstring muscles helping in bending of leg at the knee joint. Tendons is layer of connective tissue binding muscles to bones. Whereas ligaments  are stretchable cords connecting bones to bones and offer stability and protection of the joints.


The knee consists of the following:

  • Tibia is a larger bone of the lower leg.
  • Femur is  a thighbone or upper leg bone.
  • Patella is a kneecap.
  • Cartilage is a layer of  tissue that covering the surface of a bone at a joint.
  • Ligament is a elastic connective cord provide protection and connection bones

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