Exercise is very valuable for your body as it has numerous health benefits. With regular exercise, you can stay away from diseases and live a quality life. Exercise makes you feel fresh and keeps you happy throughout the day. As exercise is good for all parts of your body, it is good for your bones too. When you are in standing position your legs have to support your overall weight. So in that case, your legs must have strong muscles and if muscles are not strong your legs may not support your body weight. Therefore, for excess weight you should do exercise so that it can be reduced. If bones are not strong then they may break. Staying active, having good stamina, co-ordination, confidence to avoid fall and reducing pain. With exercise, food which is full of nutrients is also very important for making the bones strong. There are two key nutrients which make bones strong that are calcium and vitamin D. If calcium and vitamins are less in our body then there are chances of occurrence of osteoporosis. This is disease in which bones starts breaking.

Exercising for Bone Health

Bone building years are up to 20’s and after 40’s bones become weak. Some exercises are there which makes bones stronger. For strong bones, long exercise sessions are not required only high impact exercises are sufficient. High impact exercises are like stretching, running, walking. But you should always concern your doctor if you have any serious problem with your bones. People who have weak bones should not do high impact exercises and bending exercises as there will be risk of fracture. You should do exercises according to you age. Bones of old persons will be weak as compared to young persons. Hence, you should do exercise according to your age. From 5 to 18 years, person should do intensity activities that strengthen your bones like climbing, walking, jumping, running games.

Following are some exercise to reduce the risk of fall:

  • strength training exercises
  • flexibility exercises
  • Walking is the best exercise in all aspect
  • Slow dancing
  • aerobics
  • stair climbing
  • cycling
  • swimming


Following are some high impact exercises:


  • dancing is good exercise for weight loss also
  • high impact aerobics
  • jogging
  • running
  • rope jumping
  • climbing stairs

Following are some stretching exercises:

  • lifting weight
  • exercises with weight machine
  • lifting body
  • rising your toes in standing position

Yoga is also good for bones as it makes bones strong and improves your overall health.


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