Finding the right surgeon, one who has the history of successful knee replacement surgeries will help you to ensure that you are in safe hands and that you will have a successful surgery and recovery. It’s critical you feel comfortable with your surgeon and you should be able to discuss your concerns and questions openly with them.

Here are few tips for you on how you can find a good surgeon for knee replacement:

Ask for referrals

You can check with your family doctor or general practitioner for the list of orthopedic surgeons who specializes and has good experience of years in knee replacement. Also, be ensure why those particular recommendations stand out. You can ask your friends and acquaintance who has undergone knee replacement surgery, ask them who performed their surgery and whether it all went well. All this will give you a good idea about few orthopedic surgeons who are good and have experience in doing their jobs.

Evaluate the surgeon’s credentials:

Spend some time going through the surgeon’s qualifications and certificates like that of education, degrees, credentials, and training. Whether the surgeon is certified by the association,

Surgeon’s experience level:

You can check about how many procedures he or she performed in a year. Studies show that surgeon who conducts 12 or more total knee replacement per year are more likely to have a success record. The best surgeon often performs hundreds of procedures each year according to studies. So you can trust such surgeon who has high practice over the surgery so they can perform a successful operation you are looking forward to.

Specialty and training:

Surgeon of knee replacement can grow valuable knowledge by performing operations which is a must but also they can expand their knowledge through the continued education. This will include learning latest technologies, implementing new surgical approaches, using the new device. If you think that explicit device or surgical procedure is right for you, it’s important to determine if your prospective surgeon is trained in that area or is able to implant that device successfully. The surgeon should always remain through with the new technologies and procedures.

Meeting with the surgeon:

Once you are through with compiling of the potential surgeon, you would want to schedule a consultation with them. During talking session with the surgeon, you should discuss your situation in brief, and ask all related questions you have. If the doctor is able to satisfy you with his or her answers related to your problem then you can say that the surgeon is right for you.


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