Our body skeleton is made in a planned way by the Almighty and each and every bone and joints are made to perform different actions in our body and like every different bone the hip and pelvic has a different activity to do for our body and it plays a very essential part in our daily life and also a great factor to maintain our daily flexibility and this bone also contributes to the other parts of our body. As, it is joined with the main organ of our body- the Spinal cord so any injury in the pelvic and hip can actually affect to our normal life and can create and obstacle to our normal life. Any fracture in pelvic region or hip can disturb our posture and can create an obstacle in bending and walking, if the conditions get unseen the result can be really serious and one can face major problems other than severe pain and restricted movements.

Among other problems in pelvic injuries one can suffer from damaged nerves obstructed blood circulation in the veins and as a consequence the outcome may be dangerous and the person can also get paralyzed and can also face leg amputation. Some other internal problems that could be severe in the life of a person is getting bowel problems, damaged bladder or infertility as it can obstruct sexual activities.

The possible causes of Pelvic Injury

There could be an ample of reasons where a person can suffer from a pelvic injury and reasons could be extreme physical activities such as dancing and sports. Some other activities that could lead to the problem is swimming, jumping or running and this kind of hip or pelvis injuries can show up little but if not taken care they can create a big problem to your health and the results could be really scary. It is a common thing that majorly the sportsmen or eh athletes face the problem but apart from that any physical trauma or accident or any overuse of a certain body part can also create a problem. There are many situations where simple negligence can also lead to such kind of indisposition. The injury can snatch away the ability to work and can make a person to lead distressful life.

Available Treatments

People who are suffering from such kind of pelvic fracture or injuries can definitely get treatments which will be based on several of factors but only after a complete discussion with an orthopedic surgeon. The treatment and the result will be focusing on getting back the steadiness of the pelvis by watching the level of dislocation of the bones and the width of the fracture. Rearrangement of the bones can be one through surgery with an open reduction in which the orthopedic surgeon will make an opening to the bone to directly operate it or can treat it as a closed reduction where the surgeon may not go for a cut. Patients suffering with hip injuries or pelvic fractures may require more than one surgery. The surgeon can go for an External Fixation (Ex-Fix) technique where an open or closed reduction is executed and the bones are placed in a correct position using an external fixator or a metallic frame.




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