Knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi starts from Rs. 1.25 lac and goes up to Rs. 2.5 lac or higher depending on the quality of implant used and care provided by the hospital. But the good thing is that hospitals provide packages like the Economical Package of Rs. 1.25 lac but it excludes the cost of the implant.

Insurance cover for knee surgery
If you have health insurance, you can discuss your knee surgery with your insurer. The good thing is that most insurance companies cover knee surgeries under their policies. But it is advisable that you ask you to update your insurer about an impending joint replacement to avoid embarrassment at the time of bill payment.

Cash discount
What if you don’t have insurance coverage or your insurer denies footing your knee surgery bill? It could happen with anyone but it shouldn’t discourage you from getting the treatment. In this situation, you can look for a cash discount that you can discuss with hospitals ahead of surgery. Ask your hospital to provide an approximate quote for the cost of knee replacement surgery in Delhi and discuss a discount, if you offer cash in advance.

More ways to reduce the cost of knee surgery
While there can’t be any compromise on the surgical treatment, you can choose a normal cum hygienic stay instead of going for premium accommodation that will only add to your medical bill. You should focus on well-trained doctors giving treatment instead of executive facilities for a few days. In this way, you will be able to save some money for future treatment.

Going for minimally invasive joint replacement surgery in Delhi is also a way to save some money. If your joint is only partially damaged and requires only partial replacement then there is little need to go for a total replacement that will cost you dearly.

Final thought over the cost of knee surgery

If it is necessary then you should go for it. Your orthopedic surgeon will help in choosing the right treatment that is both medically beneficial and cost-effective. If your knee joint has lost its vitality then it is better to replace it with a new joint.

Total knee replacement cost in Delhi will be higher in comparison to unilateral surgery. For example, you can replace your knee joints one by one instead of changing both the joints at one go to keep things simple and affordable. Talk to your surgeon to explore more options.


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