There might be different types of joint replacement implants, where hip and knee replacements may come into focus. Hip ad knee joint replacements come under orthopedic doctors’ observations and at present days the number of patients is rising day after day. It is seemed that soon after the middle-age period; people are opting for these surgeries. After 56 years of age, its time for an individual to think about the knee and hip surgeries to continue with an active cum fast lifestyle.


When does a person need this joint replacement implant? 

If an individual is suffering from severe osteoarthritis, then the best option left for him is to perform a hip or knee replacement. This surgery of joint implants will provide him the power to stay active for a longer period of a lifetime. It has been proved that over 70% of patients accept this joint replacement implants and related surgery procedures for damaged joints. A good number of them also perform this surgery in response to injury trauma, fractures and may be for rheumatoid arthritis. But, it is seemed that this joint problems and surgery requirements are leaning for young people day after day.

Whether a patient is young or old, it is of course a major decision to take on replacing hip and knee joint under expert surgeons’ advices. However, traditional methods of surgeries are painful and the recovery does not come overnight for patients. The pain drug which has been prescribed for these patients by doctors can be removed from 2 months to 5 months. An American medical study journal report has shown that 90% of these patients, after surgeries on hip and knee, can come back to their normal life activities immediately after thirty days. But, this is not to be ignored that there might be the chance of complications and minor infections with some patients for weak muscle development.

What are the less painful alternatives?

Well, straightforwardly speaking – there are computer navigated joint replacement implants surgeries for hip and knee which are less painful and they provide quicker relief/ recovery than aforesaid traditional techniques. Also, patients can go for hip resurfacing where even severe arthritis patients may get benefited by removing a small part of the bone. Here, a less implant will be performed for these patients rather than employing traditional standard replacement surgery.

Secondly, the case of knee Osteotomy is the best for young patients with an active lifestyle. This is because this surgery selects the weakest part of the joint where it shifts pressure. The best possible result here can be found with those patients whose arthritis is positioned on one side of the knee only. There are techniques now for partial knee replacement when patients have limited osteoarthritis and do not need multiple resurfacing on various parts of the knee.

Though it is a crucial decision to make on hip and knee joint replacement implants, yet there is no requirement to wait for a longer period. If an individual is suffering from knee/ hip pain which is creating difficulty for him in performing everyday tasks and when he is feeling it right that his pain medication is not helping him out from this situation then it is the indication that he needs an orthopedic surgeon seriously to take decision what to do with his knee and hip thereafter.

Nevertheless, the good news is that at present, experienced doctors have computer assisted joint replacement technology to provide fruitful results, less cuts in operations, less pain and faster recovery for patients. Now, they can enjoy a normal life even a better way than before.


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