In today’s life, lots of people are suffering from many joint pains such as a knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist, and elbow. The pain in the joint is really unbearable that’s why many people are suggested by their orthopedic doctor for knee arthroscopy. But some people are feeling very hesitate and phobia of any kind of surgery thus they are always in a state of confusion regarding the surgery that is it good for him\her? Knee arthroscopy is a surgery that involves inserting a small camera in your knee through the small incision in your knee skin to examine the problem. The doctors see the problem on their computer screen by connecting an arthroscope camera with monitor.

It is an open surgery that does not require opening a full knee. This surgery needs only two cuts one for a camera and second, for your surgery. This reduces the recovery time and less pain. This surgery is especially used by athletes because of lots of injuries in joints.

Reasons for knee Arthroscopy

If you’re suffering from knee pain that does not respond to nonsurgical treatment & your doctor may recommend you to undergo a knee arthroscopy.

Some reasons for knee arthroscopy such as:

  • Fractures in the knee bones
  • Knee infection
  • Torn anterior or posterior cruciate ligaments
  • Treatment of patella problems
  • Trimming of damaged articular cartilage
  • Pieces of torn cartilage those are loose in the joint
  • Removal of a Baker’s cyst

Requirements for Knee arthroscopy:

Tell your doctor what medicines that you’re currently taking even drugs or any supplements you bought without any prescription. You may need to stop taking certain medicines for weeks or days before the procedure. Before your surgery you may have to do blood tests, x-rays to give your surgeon information about your health.

You may often ask not to drink or eat anything for 6 to 12 hours before the surgery. Your doctor may prescribe you a pain medication for any discomfort you experience after the surgery.


  • Your doctor will give you an anesthetic this may be local or general.
  • Then doctor makes a small cut in your knee and expands your knee by saline.
  • Now, a doctor put a camera in your knee and solves a problem by seeing on the monitor.
  • After the surgery, the surgeon drains the saline and makes stitches or bandage on your knee.

It is just a small process of solving the joint problem by arthroscopy. Lots of people are using this technique and get rid of their unlimited pain. So, if you really suffering from these pains don’t take a chance and take a arthroscopy surgery.


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