Osteoarthritis is known to be the degenerative disease caused by the deterioration faced by the Cartilage. Cartilage makes the joint function normally by providing the necessary lubricant to the joints. The Osteoarthritis of the spine affects the facet joints, i.e. the cartilage located between the spine and the ligaments of the spine.

What are the symptoms of the Osteoarthritis of the spine?

The most common symptom of this disease is the back pain. Usually, the pain starts from the lower back, which you may experience during the morning time, in the initial stages. Since, this is a progressive disease; you may face the worst situation, after sometime. Apart from this, other symptoms of the Osteoarthritis of the spine are: Joint tenderness, joint stiffness, weakness in the legs, arms, tingling in the legs and limited motion ranges.

Most patients suffering from this disease face severe back pain while standing or sitting in an upright position. However, some have claimed that they haven’t experienced any symptom of this disease.

What are the causes of Osteoarthritis of the spine?

The slow deterioration of the cartilage around joints in the lower back causes the Osteoarthritis. The reason behind the deterioration can be an injury at a younger age. Also, obesity is the reason behind this disease, because extra body weight aids in stressing out the joints, at a higher pace. In addition to these, some other causes are:

  • Age factor
  • Female factor
  • Osteoarthritis involvement in family history
  • A repetitive stress occupation
  • Defective joints since birth

Initial diagnosis is necessary

If you find the above mentioned symptoms, you can consult with your doctor to have a detailed examination of your spine condition. You can go through an X-ray or MRI and checked it out, whether you are suffering from Osteoarthritis of the spine or not.

How to get the Osteoarthritis of the spine treated?

To cure this disease, there is no treatment available. However, the patient will be provided with the means to lower down the pain and improve the affected joint mobility. You will be provided with the medication with some anti-depressants to have a control over the chronic pain. Surgery is not a common treatment for Osteoarthritis but in some cases, the doctor offers the damaged disc replacement.

Apart from the medication, doctors may suggest gentle exercises, cold and hot therapy and occupational and physical therapy also.

People suffering from Osteoarthritis of the spine are advised not to avoid the potential symptoms and consult the health specialist immediately to avoid the disease to get worse.



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