Osteoarthritis is most common form of knee arthritis that is a bone degeneration disorder which breaks cartilage, a spongy cushion between femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shinbone) and exposes both the bones to rub off each other and make them rough and inflamed. This leads to joint pain and stiffness in old age. Osteoporosis, another common reason of knee pain is most common locomotor disability among the elderly population.

Reason of Knee Pain and Treatment

With minimally invasive technology, the Knee Replacement has become far more effective as compared to conventional methods. In fact with this technology even old people like those of eighty years or even more could safety undergo knee transplant, that too with assurance of almost absolute normal locomotive recovery.

In conventional knee replacement surgery, additional instrumentation is inserted right through the thigh bone to determine the correct angle for implant positioning. This could lead to malalignment of prosthetic and poor surgical outcomes.

Minimally invasive knee replacement surgeries also reduces blood loss, hospital stay and recovery time. It also increases longevity of the implanted joints and enhances knee movements and brings added safety and accuracy to the entire surgical procedure.

Old age is not about pain and suffering. In fact, life after retirement brings that long yearned time of doing whatever you have been thinking to do since years, to enjoy, to relax and most importantly to remain fit, active and happy. So, with advanced technologies like minimally invasive Knee Replacement Surgery, it is high time when advanced technologies like minimally invasive knee replacement surgery, it is high time when ageing people should stop bearing with pain. If old people could go for life saving procedures like open heart surgery, they have every reason to opt for knee transplant surgery as well.

This will not only help them live a physically active and pain free life but could also save them from other lifestyle disorders which are linked with sedentary and socially detached existence. Remember, life is not about passing time in pain and unfulfilled wishes, but living every moment the way you want to and deserve.


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