Most of the knee replacement surgery patients want to know how long they need physical therapy after surgery.  After knee replacement surgery, patients are given physical therapy during eight days stay in hospital & sent  home. The average rehabilitation period is approximately seven to ten days. Once patient come to home, can go for physical therapy at home or at hospital as well. The physical therapy one need for maximum one to two month post surgery.  Moreover, every patient’s  is different rehabilitation varies depending upon recovery & adaptation of news knee joint implant in daily movement routine for which physical therapist under expert guidance play significant role.

Knee Replacement Rehabilitation Delhi

Once need to take few precautions such as, patient should not twist the operated joint for at least six weeks. Patient need to rest on bed & should keep the involved knee as straight as possible. One should refrain kneeling and squatting immediate after knee joint replacement surgery. With the help of physical therapist, patient gradually start performing daily activities.



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