Do you think when your backrest in the chair it’s too stiff? Are you a software professional and hunching over your computer for hours at stretch? Does your child bend his back while doing his school work? If your answer is yes o any of the above questions your spine could be at risk. There are many causes like bad posture, muscles imbalance, and faulty body movement.

Causes of the issue

Bad posture: The normal curvature of the spine is in the shape of alphabet S-shaped. If the individual is sitting in a slouch position of is bending forward the spine is tend to acquire a C-shape, this causes an abnormal spine shape that ultimately puts you at the risk of a various spine problem. The main issues caused due to the bad posture of the person are cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis.

Muscles weakness: if you are an IT professional, who usually spends more of their time in sitting posture, are under the risk of a slipped disc in the long run. It is caused due to the muscles weakness which occurs when you are not using your spinal muscles as needed, that in turn reduces muscles flexibility. If you are in the habit of sitting for the long duration, the extra load is on the spines and is experienced by the spinal column and not by the muscles around. So when you are experiencing the back pain with muscles weakness it makes it clear that the effect on spine is harsher. In many cases the slipped disc problem is preceded by lumbar or cervical spondylosis.

Faulty movement: It mostly occurs in people with the bad posture and weak muscles. For instance, when you have to pick up a pen off the floor and you are experiencing the back problem this is a clear indication that your spine is at risk. Also sometimes you can feel severe pain in legs that is sciatica and lower back, signaling the spinal problem.

When you experience a small jerk in the back or some kind of stiffness in the spine it is not a major concern. But if the pain travels down the arm or leg it indicates an emergency and visiting the doctor is a must. Even if you are facing some kind of numbness in your legs and arms while standing, sitting or lying down in certain positions, this is the sign that the pressure is on the nerves and it needs to be relieved immediately.

Diagnosis of the issue

X-rays and MRIs are the common diagnostic tests to determine your spinal health. Sometimes doctors also do the special spinal analysis.


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