To perform your day to day activities, it is very important that all your joints are functioning properly because it becomes difficult for you to carry out your day to day chores if your knee is giving you pain. There are many people who even feel pain when they are lying on the bed or when they are resting on a comfortable chair. Generally at the starting stage, your doctor will recommend you some exercise or will advise you to take medications but if these suggestions would not work for you, then you may be asked to contemplate getting a total knee replacement done.

Total knee replacement surgery and facts

What is total knee replacement?

Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure that is usually performed on the elderly people who are suffering from extreme knee pain. We go for a knee replacement surgery during our old age because we tend to ignore the significance of our knee most of our lives, and when our knee is not functioning properly after taking lots of medicines, then we start realizing our mistake of ignoring the knee pain.

Remember, your doctor will only suggest you total knee replacement surgery when you find it impossible to walk properly. So after his recommendation you must talk to your family about it because this is a big decision and you need to know the response of your family members. After deciding that you will undergo surgery, ask your doctor about some experienced and proficient orthopedic surgeon who will perform the total knee replacement surgery for you.

After having a total knee replacement surgery, you can easily move and can perform all your daily chores which was impossible before the surgery. You will feel a new energy as the movement will become more comfortable and easy. You will no longer feel any pain in your knee. It has been noticed that mostly the patients who fall under the age group of sixty to eighty years old go for knee replacement. However, you may find some cases where the patients are younger and they need to have the surgery due to any severe accident or injury.

So even if your age is less but you are suffering from severe knee pain, you can also undergo total knee replacement surgery to get rid out of your pain. Make sure that you are consulting an experienced and well trained surgeon for the surgery because this is something you can’t take risk of.



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