With more and more people opting for joint replacement surgery in Delhi to cure hip pain, it becomes mandatory to check what is prompting them to go under a surgeon’s knife to cure their joint pain and suffering.


First of all, you should understand the conditions that require surgical treatment

Osteoarthritis: It is a common condition of joints as it involves wear and tear of the slick cartilage that lubricates the joints to reduce friction. It covers the ends of joints and is the first part of a joint to get damaged. The absence of slick cartilage increases friction leading to pain that could be severe.

Rheumatoid arthritis: The affected joint is inflamed leading to erosion of the cartilage and sometimes the underlying bone. In the long run, it can damage and even deform the affected joint. The only treatment available for this condition is the replacement of the deformed joint.

Osteonecrosis: The supply of fresh blood to the ball portion of the hip joint is interrupted due to trauma like fracture or dislocation of the joint. If the condition persists, it could deform the join. Also, the bone could collapse as a result of the medical condition. Here replacing the joint is the only solution available.

If you have any of the above conditions then you should think of replacing the affected joint. Non-surgical methods like taking painkillers and doing lightweight exercises won’t help and the resulting pain could make life difficult for you. Replacing the affected joint can give quick relief from the pain and suffering.

Go to the best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi for minimally invasive surgery with the latest Computer Navigated minimally invasive surgery that makes hip joint replacement much safer, precise, and sustainable for patients. It provides 100% precision in joint placement and minimizes the error to zero.

The advantage of minimally invasive surgery is that it reduces hospital stay, has lesser pain, and improved quality of life. Also, it is suitable for people of all ages and health conditions. With your surgeon using MIS technology for surgery, you can rest assured of excellent results post-surgery.

Talk to the best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi NCR for replacement of the damaged hip joint. He will operate with much precision so that you can lead a normal life post-surgery. Normally, you won’t have any problem after joint replacement. And you will be allowed to carry out most of your normal activities.


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