The cost of the ceramic hip joint could be higher than the traditional metal-and-plastic implants but so is its life and functionality. The traditional implant isn’t long-lasting leading to frequent revision surgeries. For this reason, the metal-and-plastic implant isn’t considered suitable for younger people.

If your hip joint needs replacement and you want to go for the traditional implant just to save some money, your surgeon will first assess the life of that implant to anticipate revision surgery that is often a complex procedure. If you are young, then your surgeon will suggest delaying the replacement for as long as possible so that the metal-and-plastic implant could last your lifetime.

Problem with the metal-and-plastic implant.

In the traditional implant, it is plastic that starts deteriorating as a result of wear and tear. Move movement of the implant would mean more deterioration. And it is quicker in people who lead an active life. Plastic pieces accumulated in the implant cause inflammation in the joint and the development of pseudotumor. The hip joint replacement surgery cost might be lower but it won’t give good returns.

Life of a traditional implant is calculated to be around 25 years but only when utmost care is taken to reduce the wear and tear. In younger people, it could be much lower like 20 years or lesser as they move their joints more than old and aging people.

For example, if you get a metal-and-plastic implant in hip replacement surgery in Delhi at the age of 55, you are likely to undergo correction surgery between 70-75 years of age. But a ceramic implant would last longer and it could last up to your life depending upon how you take care of the ceramic implant.

Advantages of ceramic implants

They appear to be more beneficial than their traditional counterparts. It isn’t that ceramic joints are free from all problems but that they are more resilient to and their impact-resistant power is far superior to ceramics of earlier generations. Apart from the risk of accidental damage, there is no serious risk with ceramic implants.

Should I go with a ceramic implant?

Visit the best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi NCR to get the right answer to your question. The above-discussion clearly indicates that a ceramic implant is much better than its metal counterpart but you should make an opinion on choosing an implant only after comparing all the options. Here an experienced orthopedic surgeon can help.


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