Back pain – a problem once considered to be affecting only the elderly people is no longer restricted only to them as this malady is creating troubles for the kids too. Back pain was very rare in children few years back but now it has become a major concern for parents as well as medical specialists worldwide. The skeletal structure of children keeps growing till the time they reach late adolescence. Any stress caused on their spine leads to deformities that must be treated on immediate basis.

The number of children suffering from back pain has grown rapidly in the recent past. There are many reasons for this problem to occur and the major one is the backpacks that they have to carry to their schools are reasonable heavy. It poses continuous strain on their backs and leads to long-life back pain if left untreated. Many other factors are also responsible for this problem like bad posture, sports injury, harm caused to your spine during an accident, misalignment in vertebrae, Spondylolysis, Herniation of the disk, Pott’s disease, Diskitis, Pyelonephritis, Scheurman’s Kyphosis etc. Specialists state that back pain generally occurs in children between the ages 11 and 18. Whenever you realise your kid is suffering from such issues, he should immediately be taken to a medical specialist for the treatment. Any delay in this can cause severe consequences which may be difficult to treat in the later stages and may cause life-long problems.

When back pain occurs in children, it doesn’t come alone but brings with it many other painful symptoms like high fever, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, sleepless nights, dizziness and behavioural changes. In case you see any such symptoms in your child for a long time, you must make a visit to doctor immediately so that things don’t turn out to be bad. This situation needs medical attention at any cost as you will never want your child to suffer for long. Your doctor will do certain tests to diagnose the root cause of the problem. He may perform X-ray, MRI of your back, a bone scan, CT scan and blood test. After he diagnosis the exact reason for your child’s pain, he will formulate a treatment plan accordingly that will be best suited for your child. He will prescribe certain medicines to get relief along with exercises, physical therapy, antibiotics and if required narcotics. Regular treatment will surely relieve your child from all the pain and bring happiness in his life.


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