Human body consists of a number of joints that help you to perform various functions like walking, bending, turning etc. Your joint is a point where two bones meet like elbows, knees, wrist, ankle, shoulders, hip and many more. There is a smooth tissue known as cartilage that surrounds the joints and doesn’t allow the bones to rub against each other. But due to various reasons like age factor, injury, wrong posture and carrying too much weight damages the cartilage. As a result of this, bones rub vigorously against each other during movements and cause severe medical conditions that are very painful and lead to huge discomfort. It is the main reason for arthritis and can’t be reversed leading to immobility of your joints. Therefore, it is very important that you take good care of your joints, muscles, ligaments as well as bones in order to avoid harsh consequences in future.


Few tips that you must follow to take proper care of your joints are:

  • Reduce your weight for healthy joints: Over-weight people can give more life to their joints by slimming down to a weight that is in healthy range. Your weight puts a lot of pressure on your knees, hips and back as these body joints carry most of your weight. The tissues in these areas tend to tear if don’t check your weight. Therefore, you can prevent joint problems by trimming your weight.
  • Do regular workouts: An inactive body is prone to get stiff and swell. But if you do regular exercises then the blood flow in your heart will increase leading to the healthy cartilage. You can opt for walking, swimming and aerobic exercises for best results.
  • Strengthen your muscles around your joints: If you have strong muscles that cover your joints then some of the shock that is caused during your daily activities can be absorbed by these muscles and it can greatly help you protecting your joints from damaging.
  • Stretch yourself daily: Stretching helps you in getting rid of your stiffness and also takes care of your cartilage. Your joints get better mobility as well as function.
  • Proper posture for good joints: It is very important that you maintain a perfect posture while sitting, standing, lifting and carrying things. Bad posture can greatly affect your joints to a huge extent and lead to brutal problems.
  • Intake of glucosamine and chondroitin supplements helps you to get relief from pain. They also slow down your arthritis problems and makes your joints better.

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