Facets of Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi

For the surgery of total hip replacement, both ends of the bones, for the creation of new surface joint, a surgery is done for total joint replacement. This difficult surgery includes the ceramic, metal, for the replacement of balls and for this some plastic parts are to be exclusively involved. The pelvic bone’s resurfacing is done. The improper cartilage is removed and then replaced with a new material which is placed in the place of defective one.

There are many types of Risks Involved

Risks while the Recovery of the patient: the risks of blood clots occur, the patient may have nerve injury, the hip may be dislocated after the surgery, there may be some kind of healing problems related to the injuries, small tissues may accumulate near the hip joint, the leg’s length may be seen to be a little varied. There are several long term risks are well which involve the risk of infections and the risk of loosening the artificial leg’s joint parts.

The Procedure of the Total Hip Replacement in Delhi by Dr L Tomar

The cement is used for connecting the cemented joints to the existing bone. It fixes the artificial joints as the glue attaches things. Porous coating is made to be used as joining the uncemented joints. This would make the bone settle efficiently at the desired place. This porous coating will be filled by the new bones which would grow as the time passes. While the operation would be going on, before that the doctors will use anaesthesia for making you unconscious during this surgery of total hip replacement.

In some situations the doctors will offer you some antibiotics before as well as the surgery. This is done for reducing the infection risk as the infection may spread from some part of the patient’s body to some other part. Minimal invasion surgery: some of the doctors prefer doing surgery with smaller incision. It is also known as minimal invasive surgery. By this it is meant that less loss of the blood and the scars will be small.

After the surgery the doctor will offer some medications such as IV (Intravenous) antibiotic. They will provide you with several pain killers. Prevention from several blood clots will be provided. After waking up from the surgery you may suffer from catheter. The bladder is connected with a small tube and this is it. The doctor will tell you to do simple exercises of breathing. This is done to prevent your lungs with congestion. Your recovery will be set to continue even when you reach the home. The doctor will provide you with a medication, exercise and rest time schedule which you need to strictly follow.

Dr. L. Tomar is doing both partial hip replacement surgery & total hip replacement surgery in delhi, using Minimally invasive computer navigation technology. With more than 20 years of experience and expertise, Dr. L. Tomar is one of the best joint replacement surgeons in Delhi and has successfully performed more than 3000 Hip Replacement Surgery. With the support of highly skilled and experienced medical team and latest technology, we offer best treatment and care to our patients.



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