The cost which is required for a complete hip replacement surgery is a surgical method whereby the unhealthy bone and cartilage of the hip joint is surgically changed with non-natural materials. An entire hip replacement (THR) procedure is also known as a hip arthroplasty.

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi

How much time do you require?

In Delhi, a customary hip replacement process takes 2-3 hours of time. The patient possibly will be given an option of spinal, general and epidural anesthesia.

What procedure you will face against a surgery cost?

After checking all your initial fitness condition for a hip replacement surgery, in minimally invasive computer navigated hip replacement surgery, surgeon may then prefer to go into the joint itself from the back, side, and front. The back loom is the most general one. The hip muscles and hip ligaments under the skin are then alienated.

On one occasion, within the joint, the medical practitioner separates the top of the femur from the acetabulum and detaches the head. The physician removes the cranium from the femur (thigh bone) and reams away the exterior of the opening.

The modular prosthetic hip substitute system used these days and that has three components – the femoral head, the femoral stem and the acetabulum. Every component has numerous available sizes which agree to a custom fit. The components are prepared of sapphire chrome stainless steel and particularly high molecular load polyethylene. Prosthesis implant can be cemented and press-fit or cement less.

After selecting the accurate range for the patient, the doctor inserts the acetabular constituent. The acetabulum is subsequently reamed to acknowledge a plastic cup. The hip socket and hip ball are, in that case, replaced into standard position. Together of these implants can be fixed firmly into the bone with and devoid of special cement.

On next phase, you will be sent to the recuperation room where your physical condition care team will check your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and will monitor other necessary requirements.

What actual cost you need to incur in Delhi for a hip surgery?

Straightforwardly, the cost of hip replacement surgery in Delhi will be anywhere between rupees Rs 1.75 Lac to starting cost to Rs 2.75Lac as the maximum package expenditure respectively. Both, cementless or porous-coated and cemented hip replacements costs are different from each other and patients enjoy an effectual as well as a long-term relief.

Under economical Hip Replacement package Rs 1.25 Lac plus cost of hip replacement Implants (Cemented & Ceramic Hip Implant). The cost of hip replacement implant varies from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.5 Lac. The Ceramic Hip Implant is supposed to be best, durable & recommend in patients with less age group.

Why costs vary for a hip surgery?

It is already mentioned that cemented and un-cemented (Ceramic) hip replacement surgeries are different in their implants and hence, costs also vary. The age of a patient, his/ her physical condition and bone density also determine the costs. Further, what type of hospital room service and facility has been ordered by patients – costs also depend on these factors. Patients can apply their medical insurance plans on hip replacement after discussing about it with the company and with the permitted hospital. However, you can enjoy a discounted hip replacement surgery cost in Delhi along with well-trained doctors under the roof of a host of medical centers.

Dr. L. Tomar, a specialist in Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi has more than 20 years of experience in Orthopaedics. He is an eminent personality in field of invasive and non-invasive Orthopaedic procedures and his expertise lies in providing complete patient care while performing all involved surgical and non surgical procedures with complete precision.


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